Design & COnstruct

EZY PA is able to offer the design of public address and software connection systems of both the physical hardware and cabling as well as the code-based architecture. 


EZYPA has an installation team that is capable of carrying out the following works: 

  • Fault finding on 100,70- and 50-Volt line PA systems. 
  • Re cabling projects
  • Speaker replacement and installation 
  • Systems integration 
  • Solar installation 


EZY PA offer Programmed maintenance services and preventive works for all our clients. We also maintain constant monitoring of our software for trouble shooting services and remote help desk capabilities.


If you are in need of public address hardware, we can supply this for you too. Our range covers a myriad of different applications from schools to retail businesses.

Our range of products include:

  • Speakers 
  • Horns 
  • Amplifiers 
  • Mixers 
  • EZYPA Software and Hardware 
  • Fixed or mobile panic buttons 
  • Synced Time clocks 
  • Microphones 
  • Sensors
  • Solar power at source

Software Development

Our Software team is able to customize our base level software to meet any communication needs. We also are able to offer ground up software development services for specific projects with a focus on building automation and communications.  

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Our vision is to connect users of Public Address (PA) to a world first, easy to use, functional PA software.