PA is everywhere

You use it to…


Hear critical information in shared public spaces.


Listen to music and announcements.


Communicate important messages to your community.

We are sparking positive change in the industry

We do this by

By developing the very best tools of communication and putting them in the hands of those that have a need to communicate:  

  • With their community
  • Their clients
  • Their fans
  • Or the world


Public address has been at been central to community growth since the idea was conceptualized in the 1920’s. Since then, technological advances have largely followed the same path as other electric powered enhancement tools. Evolving from vacuum tubes to relays, superior amplifying and sound capturing techniques have been the driving force for product manufacturers.  

Always with the professional in mind, these products focused on the enhancement of the quality of output and neglected usability. Now with society’s growing need to communicate to the masses the Public Address technology that is available is underdeveloped and almost impossible for the average user to master. 

EZYPA has shifted the focus from hardware to usability. Our goal is to ensure public address is easy to use and accessible to everyone. This allows for the connectivity of products that form part of the essential services in schools, office buildings, public spaces, and every other type of building you can think of.   

It should be simple for a user to ring the bell, make an announcement, evacuate the building, or program specific music for specific times and moods in different buildings. These functions should not be limited to access to the hardware remote access for speed of action is critical in the safe function of an occupied building.   

With the user always at the forefront of our thinking EZY PA will continue to develop software enhancements that are easy to use and will provide simple communication from a user to their greater community.  

Our goal is to ensure public address is easy to use and accessible to everyone.