EZY-STACK Remote Communication Hub

EZY- STACK is a solar powered communication and security hub that enables you to monitor and communicate with remote areas of your community without the need for a physical connection. The system uses deployed solar technology at the desired location to power security and communication technology allowing you to make your community safer.

EZY-STACK is perfect for…

Schoolsfor monitoring playgrounds and delivering announcements and provided WIFI access.

Public parks for weather warnings and security

Housing developments for lighting, security and communication needs

Parking Lots for lighting and security

Ranches for remote monitoring and gate security

In partnership with…

EZY- STACK can be fitted with the following services & designed for your specific needs

Lighting – Provide light to otherwise dark areas of your community.

Internet – Powerful modems can delivery remote communication and WIFI access to your community

Security – Power task specific security cameras like number plate recognition cameras.

Communication – Power speakers to deliver communication using EZY PA technology.

Battery backed Solar – Custom designed solar panels and built in battery packs can provide consistent power even when the sun does not shine


Fully bonded installation & maintenance services available. Contact us for further information and free site assessments.