Hearing Augmentation with TeachLogic

Listening is the cornerstone of Education

Hearing Augmentation in Assisted senior Living

Teach Logic’s hearing augmentation opens a new market in assisted senior living facilities. Many residents in retirement homes may have hearing impairments, making it challenging for them to communicate effectively in group settings or during activities. Hearing augmentation systems and EZY PA communications systems, can amplify sound directly into residents’ hearing aids or cochlear implants, enabling them to hear conversations, announcements, and alerts more clearly.

The Ideal System for Sound Intelligibility

Wireless Infrared Microphone for Clarity

Amplifier For Volume

Speakers to Evenly Distribute the Sound

Integration with EZY PA

TeachLogic manufactures classroom audio systems that evenly distributes instructional audio so every student hears equally well.

When paired with wireless microphones and assistive listening systems, TeachLogic completes the campus communication ecosystem and becomes a teacher’s best instructional aid for lesson comprehension and on-task behavior, while supporting Special Education and Facilities in their needs.

Hardware Compatibility: EZY PA can provide hardware components compatible with TeachLogic’s audio receivers, facilitating seamless integration of audio transmission technology.

Software Integration: EZY PA’s software management systems can be configured to communicate with TeachLogic’s audio systems, allowing for centralized control and monitoring of audio equipment.

Collaboration on Solutions: EZY PA and TeachLogic can collaborate to develop custom solutions tailored to specific educational environments, ensuring optimal compatibility and functionality.

Training and Support: EZY PA can offer training and support services to TeachLogic users, helping them maximize the benefits of integrated audio solutions in educational settings.

The ideal system distributes audio evenly throughout the room to create equitable access for all listeners.


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