We close the gap between software and hardware through automation technology

EZY PA is one of the only full-service public address and communications companies that has in-depth knowledge on both the hardware and software aspects of communication and evacuation-based products. As a solutions-based company we offer design, supply installation and maintenance of all our products. 

We are also able to offer customized interface solutions to enhance any user communication needs.


How are we different?


We created the first automated music players to schools.


We’ve build the world’s first school amplifier.


We are market leaders in public address.

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Our Story

A Family Business

EZY PA is a communications company that was initially founded in the 1980’s in Melbourne Australia quickly growing to one of the most recognized experts in public address communications in public spaces and government buildings. During this period the company worked on a number of projects including: 

  • National Gallery of Victoria 
  • Parliament House 
  • Department of Education 
  • Pentridge Prison 
  • Direct Factory Outlets. 

Always with an eye on technology and innovation to benefit clients in the late 1980’s we developed one of the first school specific automated bell and music players for schools under the brand name JAG. This innovation sure the company grow to one of the leading Communications companies to specialize in the k-12 education sector in Australia. Further innovations came in the 1990’s with the specially developed school amplifier with built in custom tones and the pre-built plug and play communications console. 

Software Development Begins

In 2018 EZY PA turned its attention to software-based products and begun development of the first web-based school specific public address software package allowing schools easy of use and remote access to their public address equipment. The system was quickly updated to allow roll out to a number of different market verticals which included:

  • Parks 
  • Fitness centres 
  • Public Pools 
  • Shopping centres 
  • Hotels 
  • Churches

Expansion into the United States

In 2020 EZYPA begun an expansion into the United States setting up a development team in California followed by a new United States Head quarters in Austin TX in early 2022 and regional Offices in New York and Florida. EZY PA now has resellers in 4 additional states and is growing every day. 

EZY PA is now focusing on improving school emergency communication through the integration and automation of software and legacy based hardware systems found in American schools. Building the bridge between the new code-based systems and older systems allows schools to communicate better through an emergency and gives schools the option to integrate systems like 

  • Mass notification systems 
  • Phone systems 
  • Gunshot and weather sensors 
  • Public address systems 
  • Signage 
  • Panic buttons 
  • Time clocks 

With our continued commitment to developing products and software we are always looking to the future and to improve how people communicate in public spaces and public buildings. Currently we are working on expanding our remote accessibility capabilities by harnessing the power of deployed solar technology to power our products a wider variety of scenarios. 

Want to know more?

Katherine Schweit is an attorney and retired FBI agent who created and led the FBI’s efforts seeking answers to mass shootings after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She was on the crisis teams responding to tragedies at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Pentagon, and the Navy Yard in the Washington, DC, area.

As a world expert in mass shootings and security matters, she is a frequent on-air commentator and sought after speaker. She teaches a class in the Second Amendment at DePaul University School of Law, and hosts a podcast, “Stop the Killing”, with her London-based co-host, Sarah Ferris. Her consulting clients include Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, libraries, security professionals, and the government. She also is the author of How to Talk About Guns with Anyone.

To learn more, please visit her website.



Late 1980’s

Automation Begins

WRE develops the first multichannel clock system allowing tape decks to be turned on and off automatically playing music at programmed times.

Late 1980’s

Mid 1990’s

Making it easier for schools

WRE develops the first school specific public address consoles combining easy to use switch panels, School specific amplifiers, Automatic on off timers and music players such as Tape decks radios and CD players.

Mid 1990’s

Early 2000’s

Simplify and saving costs

WRE develops the combination school amplifier combining all the console units into one easy to install and service piece of hardware saving space and reducing cost.

Early 2000’s


Ezy PA takes it online

WRE begins to develop the first web based software to control PA systems culminating is the release of EZYPA in late 2019.



Ezy PA Takes on USA

EZY PA sets up its first offices in Austin Texas


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