Public Spaces such as Stadiums, Offices, Industrial sites, Hospitals, and Universities use legacy technology that is not compatible with modern Mass Notification systems, leaving your alerts at risk of not being noticed or actioned in a real-time manner when people are distracted.

EZY PA solves this problem by allowing any open API mass notification technology to connect to a buildings existing communication system without your customer needing to upgrade their existing hardware that you as a software provider may not already sell.

Make announcements remotely

Text to natural voice feature allows you to push audible notifications through remotely from anywhere on or off site.
“Hazard in the building please evacuate”

Schedule PA audibles in advance

Pre schedule daily announcements ahead of time or critical information that needs to be consistently communicated. During an emergency
“Exit only via gate 10”

Multi Area Zoning

Multi zoning allows you to connect to different sites, tailor messages and choose who you communicate with. You can communicate threats to specific workplaces as needed.

Alert, Alarm and Evacuate

With remote access to internationally recognized evacuation tones you can evacuate the building from anywhere with connection to the Public Address hardware from your mass notification software. For example, you can use this in the event of an active shooter emergency.

Upload audio files

Allow your clients to upload audio files such as pre recorded news feeds and music throughout the workplace or customer space.

Going green with PowerStack

By using the PowerStack Solar system EZY PA can deliver a completely wireless system. This means we can ensure communications are getting to carparks, gardens and outdoor break areas.

Design and Construct

Our standard offering supports most use cases, however where a custom use case is required, our in-house development team is capable of building custom software to meet your customers needs.

  • One touch communication.
  • Hardware – software integrations.
  • System monitoring.
  • Remote connectivity.

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Our vision is to connect users of Public Address (PA) to a world first, easy to use, functional PA software.