Communication with customers and staff in a warehouse or retail setting is important for several reasons including branding, security, and advertising purposes.

Pre-program and make announcements remotely

From any location you can pre-record, upload and play announcements to your customers and staff.

“A stock take sale will begin tomorrow at 9am ”

Control each stores audible content from one platform

Have real time connection into each of your stores public address systems allowing you to set different messages and content for different stores at different times when needed.

Create managed playlists

Schedule and control playlists for each store collectively or individually ensuring background music stays on brand and staff only have access to approved audio content.

Alert, Alarm and Evacuate

With remote access to internationally recognized evacuation tones, you can evacuate stores or warehouses from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet providing on premises evacuation capabilities.

Integrate with existing systems & build a user network

Build a hierarchy user network for staff in each location and integrate EZY PA with existing systems such as mass notification technologies.

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Our vision is to connect users of Public Address (PA) to a world first, easy to use, functional PA software.