Public-address systems (PA) are crucial part of every building’s critical infrastructure that people occupy. PA plays a crucial role in day to day operations but more importantly it plays a key role in notifying you of important information during an emergency. Things like notifying people in your building of a medical emergency, severe weather event or an immediate threat are all done using the PA system. This is why it is important you have an accessible, functional and easy to use PA system in your building.

Pre-program and make announcements remotely

From your office or the bell desk you can make a public announcement
“We will be cleaning the pool at 3pm today ”

Schedule PA audibles in advance

Pre schedule daily announcements ahead of time with a set and forget program .
“The lobby bathrooms will be closed for cleaning at 1pm for 20 minutes”

Multi Area Zoning

Multi –area zoning will allow you to schedule PA events for different areas at different times. You can zone your building per floor or per public space.

Alert, Alarm and Evacuate

With remote access to internationally recognized evacuation tones you can evacuate the building from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet. For example, you can use this in the event of an active shooter emergency.

Play Music

Build or upload a music play lists for specific areas such as pools, gyms and function spaces.

Going green with PowerStack

By using the PowerStack Solar system EZY PA can deliver a completely wireless system. This means we can ensure communications are getting to carparks, gardens, and outdoor break areas.

Design and Construct

EZYPA can build a custom system to meet your buildings needs including:

  • Coverage
  • Zones
  • Solar power requirements
  • Internet connectivity
  • Additional audio equipment
  • Integration with other systems such as phones systems and panic buttons

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Our vision is to connect users of Public Address (PA) to a world first, easy to use, functional PA software.